alive alive alive

destroying and getting destroyed.

hanging from ceilings, literally.

fellowship weekend at the museum was great. the only time a year indianapolis actually matters in the contemporary art world and it isn't related to the IMA or indys "art scene." i wish more people were here to appreciate it, but what do you expect out of this city.

met a native american contemporary art historian (white) who i've been reading for a while now. he practically laid grad school out to me. add university of oklahoma to my list of grad schools, and if all goes well i'll be rolling with tumbleweeds and dirty oklahoma liberals studying the things i love most - why white people are retarded.

been working almost 7 days a week at the museum. daytime in the basement, evening moonlighting in the store. working on my projects summing up the summer and fantasizing about actually making decent money for the sake of liberal art. god help me.

reading a million books. catching up on art history post-1945 til present and trying to get a bigger vocabulary.

out of touch with music and all things "club." haven't seen a show or been to a dance night in what seems like forever. last time was halloween, ok, not forever, but it was boring as all hell and i just wanted to pound my head on the floor. nights like that make me miss mutiny. it's nothing personal. it's not the dj's, it's not the people, it's not the club. okay, wait, it's everything.

i'm going to chicago saturday with zlaya and andre to see nitzer ebb. should be fun.

watched mad men. it's "ok." i think people like it more for the fashion than the plotline, but i've only seen the first three episodes of season one.

my gre scores were horrible. i probably won't be able to get into san francisco without them, but, denver is a possibility. i'd be hanging with t00ts and stalking neo-folk rock stars and avoiding hippies. we'll see................

bakelite moves to brussels. i'll miss her so. at least i have a place to stay when i visit. anxious about michelle moving to berlin, if she still is, also.

time to shower.

oh, for graduation/xmas/whatever i want an original rick bartow. i figure i can still weasel my funds eventually and start collecting. he's my first choice.

pref. something from the coyote or crow series. i also want some jim denomie. however, these are my two favorite native artists, living, right now. more will be added, oh, and andrea...i got to see andrea's show in new york this past summer. it was fucking brilliant.

i met the owner of bockley gallery two weeks ago. he's representing some amazing contemporary artists right now. minneapolis is pretty amazing.

i leave you with jim denomie's Magic Rabbit 11.

and Untitled by Rick Bartow.

champagne, booze

Stierch's Booze Review 1

Chateau St. Jean 2005 Chardonnay.
I love this Sonoma grown and created Chardonnay. After heading to the winery, and tasting their Reserve wines (Special wines often blended and created for clubs and the winery specifically, rarely sold in stores), and being sorely disappointed, I fetched a bottle for $11 at Trader Joe's yesterday. This bottle reminded me of why I was so excited to go to the winery originally. Light hints of pear and a tad of acidity, oakiness that I don't mind....I could drink this easy and enjoyably and not have a complaint in the world. A simple Chardonnay that sums up affordable and delightful wines from the valley. If you like your Chardonnay just the middle, this is lovely. A beginner with wine? You can gain comfort in this white wine - it's non threatening and pleasant, delightful perfectly chilled, and good to drink anytime, anyplace. They can keep their fancy reserves, and I'll take my grocery store St. Jean anytime.

Chateau St. Jean, for your pleasure.